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April: Australia

March 28th – April 6th

“….but hey, I might blog when I get back to Hong Kong airport next week when I wait for my flight back to Ningbo?” – Julie, 28 March 2017

Biggest liar, I am. I’ve procrastinated/forgotten about this blog to the point that right now, it’s already June and I’m already done with exchange (whaaaaat). So, what I’m going to do is write up all the posts that I’ve been meaning to write (and pretend I’m writing them in real time lol) and schedule them to upload over the next few weeks.

So to start – Australia! As mentioned in the last post, I got the opportunity to go back to Australia to attend a few exchange/study abroad fairs at various universities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Overall it was an interesting experience and it was so nice to see my friends in Sydney. Super thankful that the UNSW/USyd fairs were quite late after UniMelb so I got to spend quite a few days in Sydney before going to Brisbane.

Honestly it felt a little weird at first to be back in Australia – Melbourne felt really foreign and not just because I’m not from there but more so, the environment felt so different to what I was used to from people to the streets etc. This was only for the first few hours though! So it got better after that and when I went back to Sydney, it kind of felt like I never left? It was so strange not feeling like I had been away from home for almost 7 months. It actually almost felt like I’d never left?

I was only in Melbourne for a bout a night which was a shame because I would’ve liked to be there a little longer and tried more food. But, I’m definitely going to try go next year during Sem 1 since I have an UNNC friend who will be going to Monash for a semester! Also, I have other friends in Melbourne and it’ll be great to see them ^_^

Did a bit of “sightseeing” the first day I was there but what I really did was go to the places I had already been aka Bourke Street Mall. Melbourne’s H&M is still my favourite and I will always take photos when I’m there. The second day was the UniMelb fair and I’d like to think it went pretty well? But we’ll have to see depending on whether there’ll be more Australian students considering UNNC in the Autumn Semester next year.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Melbourne’s H&M

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

University of Melbourne

One of the things I missed about Australia was salads, really good avocados and café food so I was on a mission to eat as much as possible during the 4 days I was in Sydney. I had a list of all the places/things I wanted to eat and I’m happy to say I’m pretty sure I managed to complete at least 90% of the list haha. Super thankful for my friends who came out despite their extremely busy schedule to spend time with me :’-) ♡♡♡

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Brunch @ Four ate Five

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Vic & Mish ♡

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TC (minus Chris)

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My loves :’-) (minus Chris)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

HS Crew

Now, Brisbane was more ~new~ for me since I haven’t been to Brisbane since perhaps…primary school? So this time was probably the first time I’ve been in nearly 10 years? Since my flight to leave was at 1am, I had quite some time after the fair to ~explore~ the city and by explore I mean go to the nearest shopping district that was within walking distance because I’m directionally challenged and I didn’t want to take any public transport. It was still nice walking around the shopping area! Got a few last minute shopping done and had some good food but I got bored pretty quickly so I went to the airport about 8 hours early (lol) and used their free wifi to do my uni assignments (sadlyf).

Last note: Brisbane International Airport (the inside) is hella pretty

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Brisbane Intl Airport

That’s it for Australia – I’ll be back…very soon.


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