En Route to Australia

I am a terrible person. Mainly because I said time and time again that I would regularly update but here I am….updating one month after the last post. I don’t think I’m ever going to fix this habit but you know…maybe the most I write it in my posts, the more likely I’ll do it? But in all honestly, uni has been extremely busy for me…probably because I decided to fill up all my spare time working rather than going out so I have almost 9-5 every single day because when I’m not in class, I’m at the GEO office or I’m at the Business school and I teach on the weekends now as well. (Am I becoming a workaholic?). Before I get to explaning the title of this post, 2 photos I wanted to share that I took in the last 6 weeks at uni.

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Cherry blossoms outside Gate 1

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So, super exciting news!! I’m currently waiting at Hong Kong airport waiting for my flight to Melbourne. I think I got super lucky that GEO said I could go travel to different universities in Australia to attend various exchange fairs. I get to go back to Sydney!!!!!! But my flight is at midnight so I still have about 5 more hours to kill but hey, at least there’s free wifi right?

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Ningbo Airport – so empty, so smol

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Hong Kong Airport

One thing I’ve learnt during this exchange is that it’s so important to try things and apply for things even if you don’t think you will get it because, you really have nothing to lose. Time and time again in the past I have stopped myself from applying for things and chickening out last minute because I tell myself that ‘I wouldn’t have a chance’ and during this exchange I’ve decided to change this mentality and just try and apply for everything because really, what did I have to lose? With that mentality I applied to a few things at UNNC and (I’ve probably mentioned this before) got an internship position at the Global Engagement Office (aka the International Office at UNNC) and I did not think, in a million years they would let me take a trip back to Australia (Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane) and with all expenses covered to let me attend the exchange fairs. Yes, I do think in a way, I got lucky that I happened to be that one Australian exchange student in the office but still, before applying for this internship position, I also almost chickened out because I thought so many people would apply and I would have 0 chance. Anyway, I’m super excited to be able to visit the different universities as well as to have the chance to go back home to Sydney – I may complain about UNNC and their admin problems a few times but I do have to say, I’m super grateful that I didn’t make it into Fudan (or Tsinghua) and ended up at UNNC.

Moving on! This semester is flying by! I realised that exam start in the beginning of May and by end of May I would technically be done with my exchange?! I can’t believe that I’ve spent so long in China, I kinda don’t want to leave. These days I’m also seriously considering working in China in the future because I feel like there’s more opportunities for me here? But, I also feel like I would never be able to get used to the Chinese working culture and I still love Australia more. I think also, this semester’s workload seems to have doubled compared to last semester (lol) and I have a bunch more group assignments to do and I’m s..l…o…w…l…y…. falling further and further behind. I really need to get my shit together when I return to Ningbo otherwise I’m going to suffer when it gets to exam period.

I think I’ll leave my post there. I’m starting to ramble because I’ve left this post too late and right now I’m not alive enough to properly collect my thoughts. I’m not going to make any promises about blogging in Australia because I’m 99% sure it’s not going to happen but hey, I might blog when I get back to Hong Kong airport next week when I wait for my flight back to Ningbo?

Till next time.


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