Back Home

And by home, I mean my China home – i.e. Fuzhou. I kept telling myself I would blog after exams but I kept putting it off and making excuses and then two months went by and now semester 2 of university is starting next week and I’ve finally decided to get my shit together and blog. I keep saying this, and I’ll say it again, but I’m going to try blog more regularly for the next semester – after all, it’s my last month of exchange and I want to be able to document more of it! On the downside, I don’t do enough at university or go out enough to feel like blogging since when I’m not attending classes, I’m at work (lel). But now, since I’m on my break and back home in Fuzhou, I’ve been going out a lot more and being with my cousins these past few weeks have made me really happy.

So, to make this post a bit shorter, I’ll just recount from my time back in Fuzhou until now. I had to change my ticket a day earlier to make it back to Pingtan for my grandmother’s 80th. I discovered Pingtan is really quite a nice place and the weather for China, was pretty damn great.

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Pingtan – Check out that blue sky

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Then just before CNY, I met up with TRACY!! So happy to see someone from Australia, felt a little deprived after I left Mish in Shanghai, so it was really nice to see Tracy in Fuzhou. We spent the entire day eating, eating, and doing more eating. I was so full by the end of the day, I actually had a food coma.

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Near 三坊七巷

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We spent a long time finding a selfie stick

I celebrated CNY for the first time in many many many years in China and celebrating in China is really different. It actually feels like CNY and there was so much food and I was very happy, very full.

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On the first day of the Lunar New Year, we went out to 森林公园 (Fuzhou National Forest Park(?)).

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Fav cousin :’-)

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At 花海公园 (Flower Sea Park(?))

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Pretending to be amongst a lot of flowers but not really

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A few days ago we climbed a lot of stairs and saw this pretty damn nice view of Fuzhou.

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View of Fuzhou – not bad, not bad.

Anyway, last week I spent a lot of time with a 3 of my cousins and it’s been really fun. One of my cousins is going to Japan soon and I’m already getting sad that the 4 of us won’t be together for a long time. I’ll probably come back to Fuzhou soon at the end of my exchange but I’m not sure for how long since I want to travel because I feel like this is the last opportunity I have since this year is my penultimate year. I do hope that we stay in touch even after I leave for Australia – I’m already starting to miss them 😥

The next time I blog will probably be when I get back to Ningbo so until then, a few songs I’m loving recently.