Hello Ningbo

It’s been 2 days since I’ve arrived at the UNNC campus and so far it’s been going really well! Fingers crossed it stays this way.

I had a pretty terrible plane trip over due to lack of sleep on the Sydney – Guangzhou leg of the trip. I think I only got around maybe 3 – 4 hours of sleep? And then the 6 hour layover made me even more tired. And the weather here – oh man, going from a pretty rainy but nice temperatures of 18 – 20 degrees in Sydney to hot and sticky and very humid 30 degree weather in Ningbo was…not my favourite thing. By the time I arrived at Ningbo airport I was tired and felt super gross.

Anyway! I was super lucky to have met this lovely girl called Sue who picked me up at the airport and bless this girl – she has spent the last 2 days with me, keeping me company for lunch & dinner since she is my only friend HAHA. She even helped me settle into my dorm room and helped me get a sim card as well and we also managed to get along really well despite knowing each other for less than 2 days which is really nice.

I think it’s always nice to meet people that you seem to be able to have really easy conversations and it also feels like I’ve known her much longer than just 2 days. Tl;dr: Just really glad to have met her as a friend here at UNNC.

I’ve also managed to buy most of the necessities needed and I spent most of the morning wiping down everything since it was super dusty. I’ll include pictures in maybe a later post when I’ve spruced up my room a little bit – I showed a few friends my dorm and someone told me my bed looked really sad, so I guess I need to make a trip to buy some colour to make it prettier?! I think Sue is going to take me to Wanda Plaza/Walmart in the new 2 days so I’ll buy a few more necessities and household items then. In the meantime I have 2 photos to share – one is of the ‘Trent Building'(?), I think it’s meant to be an imitation of the UK one and the other is the view from my dorm! Also think I got pretty lucky with my dorm location so feeling quite blessed and happy these past 2 days.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

UNNC’s Trent Building

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The view from my balcony

Our official international student welcome program and registration starts Thursday so hopefully I’ll get to meet lots more people then! I’m off to bed now – it’s nearly 12am here which means it’s actually 2 in Sydney (although that really shouldn’t make a difference to me since I sleep at 2/3 anyway hahah).

One of Sue’s close friends is arriving at the campus tomorrow so she said we’ll all go out for lunch which is super lovely of her ^_^

I’m enjoying my time at UNNC so far – till next time, 再见!


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