It’s Tomorrow!

I can’t believe the time is finally here – it only really feels like yesterday that I was submitting the application for exchange and finding out I was nominated for UNNC. How has time flew by so quickly?! It’s been just over 8 months since I found out my nomination which makes me think that perhaps 10 months might not be so long after all?

I’m still quite nervous about everything and I’m hoping, really hoping, I’ve got everything (important) that I need to pack. I’m going to triple check my room to make sure I’ve left nothing behind. I have probably packed too much but I’m hoping that will deter me from going crazy with online shopping on taobao.

I am definitely going to miss Sydney a lot and even though people say Ningbo is a ‘small city’, I’m assuming it’s going to give me the Sydney vibes (in the sense of population). I’m looking forward to exploring Ningbo more because I’ve never been before but I met someone recently who has spent many years there and he told me I would love it. But then again, I think the last time he went may have been years ago so who knows!

I’m also super excited to be travelling to Shanghai around November and Korea around June/July!!! So!! Keen!!

Anyway, I’m going to finish cleaning my room and finalise and check everything 50 times for the rest of the night before going to sleep. And then, tomorrow night…I’ll be saying good bye to the comfort of home and my mum’s cooking for 10 months (although, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to my hometown during CNY so maybe I’ll have some home-style cooking soon!).

I’m going to end this post with a few photos of my last days in Sydney for a good 10 months. I’m not only going to miss my friends a lot but I’ll also miss Sydney’s fresh air, convenience of every single cuisine possible as well as the beautiful blue sky.

And it wouldn’t be the end without some fav songs of the moment. I switched from Spotify Premium to Apple Music and even though I lost a few songs I’ve also gained more songs that aren’t available on Spotify! #win.

Geeks – Divin’ (to celebrate the beginning of Spring and warmer weather in Australia. Although I’m going from 18 degree cloudy/windy day to 33 degree sun so not sure which country is really going into summer here
Story About – Don’t Go Yet (I discovered them back in 2014 (lol) but could never find their music anyway but they have a couple of songs on Apple Music!!!) There’s another song called Ring Finger but I can’t find an audio clip except for it on iTunes.

Less than 24 hours to go.


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