5 Months Early

I was always planning on starting a blog that I was going to use to document my year long exchange but…I was definitely not planning on getting it started this early (since I don’t leave till September). On Thursday, whilst I was trying to finish my essay worth 30% that was due on Friday, I got this sudden urge to create a blog on WordPress that was dedicated to my exchange. I think it was more of my urge to play around with templates and design a banner that really made me want to start on Thursday but I controlled myself! I waited till after I had finished my essay and submitted it to Turnitin before getting started.

Below is another header that I created for this blog but I think since I wanted a bit of colour for my blog, I’m going to stick with the blue one. tma header 2

I’m not 100% used to WordPress since I’ve used Blogger since about year 9 so it’s taken me a while to find a theme that I like and can edit enough to my liking. It does kind of suck that I can’t go in and fiddle around with the html and change specific things (like font size for a specific part), which you can do on Blogger. But at the same time, I do quite like how WordPress does make this a little easier for you to edit (since you’re using one of their themes anyway?) whereas on Blogger, I was used to getting custom themes made by the people outside Blogger and then tweaking their html code to my liking. I would’ve like to continue using my current blogspot to write and document but unfortunately it’s blocked in China. I would actually be so sad if WordPress gets blocked when I leave in September (touch wood).

People have asked whether I’m looking forward to my exchange and the answer right now is 70/30. The 70% side of me feels very swamped with assessments and trying to finish the exchange application process that I can’t get excited about it, but 30% side of me has been reading a whole of bunch of reviews and watching some students’ videos about UNNC and that has made me slightly more excited? Either way, I think I’ll be feeling a lot more excited after this semester ends and all the fine details have been sorted. Even though 5 months is really not that long to go, I still feel like it’s ages away. I would also probably feel more excited if I knew whether my application has actually been approved on not. I really want to be ready to book accommodation and I’m assuming it’s a first in first served basis so I would like to know that as soon as it opens, I’d be able to book accommodation?

Anyway, I think I’m going to leave this post here with a few songs I’m really liking at the moment. (I also think I should probably really update my personal blog but I’m really…so…lazy…transferring all the photos to my laptop).

Till next time (sometime during the mid-year break I’m guessing), 再见!

Good songs:
Park Kyung & Park Boram – Ordinary Love 
SALTNPAPER (솔튼페이퍼) – Go (there’s an English version too)
Block B – Toy
Twenty Years Old (스무살) – Cheese in the Trap 


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